3 of the Best Open Source CRM & Marketing Automation Suites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Pimcore Open-Source Marketing CMS


pimcore_logo_2013_bigPimcore is the perfect toolbox for every marketer. Create any type of website, campaign or landing pages or use pimcore as your connected and integrated email marketing platform.

Compoenents include: web content management, e-commerice framework, product information management, multi-channel & web to print, customer experience & engagement, digital asset management, marketing & campaign management, targeting & personalization.

Pimcore’s rich marketing features keep you on target. With pimcore, Search Engine Optimization is built into everything you do. Within pimcore you can easily manage every type of SEO aspect. Handling titles, meta tags and rich snippets is a piece of cake. Pimcore even integrates SEO quality assurance functionalities (SEO diagnostics) to monitor and analyze the most important SEO metrics.




x2engine1X2CRM is a fast and compact marketing, sales, and customer service application powered by an easy to use workflow engine and process management framework.


Full Contact Relationship Management including Key Contacts, Action History Charts, Logged Calls, and Email Correspondence. Track Deals with Opportunity Management. Forecast your Upcoming Deals using the Process Pipelines & Sales Funnels. Account Management allows you to Create One-To-Many Relationships between Contacts and Accounts. Send Quotes and Invoices via Email. Reporting and Charts gives you Insight into Your Sales using X2CRM Analytics. Drilldown, Summation, and Performance Reports.


CRM For Your Website, Embed Web Lead Capture Forms, Track Website Visits, and use X2Identity Browser Fingerprinting Technology. Email Templates, Draft Email Newsletters and Templates Using Variables to be Automatically Replaced With Contact-Specific Details. Email Tracking so you can See When Contacts Open Emails. Create Targeted Campaigns to Market To Specific Contact Segments using Dynamic Attribute Lists. X2Flow Automation so you can Model Drip Email Marketing Campaigns.


Service Case Management allows you to Manage and Distribute Service Cases For Your Support Team. Design Service Case Routing Rules so you can Escalate Cases to Users Within Your CRM. Notify Service Representatives of New Cases via Automated Email. Service Web Forms that you can Embed Service Response Forms on Your Website. Design Forms to Integrate with Your Brand. Case Updates let you know Know Where You Stand with a Service Case Using Customized Service Process Stages.




Zurmo-logoZurmo describe’s it’self as “The New Open Source CRM” and it’s key differentiation is it’s built in “Gamification” it’s features include:

Contact Management

Full view of Contact details, 360 view of Accounts, Lead Management, Quickly find info with Global Search

Activity Management

Meetings, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments all in one place, Roll Up to see activities from related records, Latest activities widget, easy view of historical information

Deal Tracking

Sales Force Automation, Create and Manage Opportunities, Track Sales Pipeline, Probability of Closure


CRM Gamification rewards end users, Scores & Badges, Achievement & Status, Proven to improve User Adoption


Report on virtually any set of records, Drag and Drop Filters, Customize, save, share Reports, Charting includes 3D Bar Graphs, Donut, Pie, etc.


Create custom Workflows with drag and drop wizard, Trigger email alerts or actions, Keeping track of events as they occur, Get notified on upcoming or elapsed events

Marketing Automation

Create and send Email Marketing campaigns, Schedule Autoresponders, Build and embed Web Forms that link directly to CRM, Manage Campaigns

Product Management

Create Product Catalogs, Integrate Products with Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Manage Product Items and quantities